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January 13, 2019 › Augmented Reality Eyewear: The Race to Consumer Affordability
As Augmented Reality engagement with products, machinery, people, and just about anything visible to the human eye grows; mobile brands and other companies are pouring money and resources into developing affordable AR eyewear for consumers. Read More ›

December 31, 2018 › Netflix’s Interactive Movie Black Mirror: Bandersnatch - Great Concept, Limiting Execution
Netflix’s first major venture into interactive cinema where as a viewer you get to make choices at specific moments in the film and influence the final outcome works, and proved viewers will participate. The film itself just didn’t measure up. Read More ›

November 27, 2018 › Developers Should Keep Watch As U.S. Reviews Controls For Emerging Technologies.
Every developer should keep a close watch on the United States' request for Review of Controls for Certain Emerging Software Technology. Recent computing advancements such as artificial intelligence could soon require strict licensing. Read More ›

November 13, 2018 › Stan Lee - Loss of A Legend
Stan Lee, a true legend who's influence will be felt for many generations to come, dies at the age of 95. The publisher and editor of Marvel Comics, passed away leaving a void felt by multiple generations. Read More ›

October 25, 2018 › Why Apple's A12 and A12x Bionic Chips Trounce The Competition
With Apple's release of the A12 and A12x Bionic chips, Apple may have changed the mobile playing field and the stadium. Read More ›