January 3, 2024

3D Artist/Animator - Contract

3D Artist/Animator for 3-6 month contract in the Chicago, IL area. As a 3D Artist, you will be responsible for creating 3D characters and other models for use within a game environment.

About Us

Fixation Studios is a software development company based out of Chicago, IL that focuses on creating entertaining and engaging applications and games on desktop, laptop and mobile devices.

Job Details

  • $30 to $35 per hour (based on talent and experience)
  • 3 - 6 month contract position (Can turn into a full-time role)
  • Part-time (max 20hrs per week)
  • Hybrid job type preferred (preference to Chicago residents)


  • None

Position Summary

As a 3D Artist, you will be responsible for creating 3D characters and other models for use within a game environment. You will be responsible for understanding common 3D applications, tools and techniques to aid in creating the best looking characters and models for AAA, VR and mobile games. Ensuring that high-quality 3D graphics are produced to support product configuration and visualization needs for each gaming platform.

This will be a remote role with daily interaction with the dev team. There will be a content review once per week to discuss progress and next steps for the current project.

What You’ll Be Doing

  • Create 3D characters and other 3D models based on concept art and design specifications
  • Work on rigging and texturing 3D models to ensure characters can be animated and displayed correctly on targeted game engines
  • Work with other artists and programmers to create a performant set of 3D assets
  • Assist with animating characters and creating a library of 3D motions
  • Assist in creating other 3D assets such as weapons, furniture and special effects
  • Work on building levels for each stage of the game
  • Assist in the setup and implementation of 3D UI elements
  • Work on other art tasks communicated by design team
  • Help out testing and bug fixes when necessary

Required Experience and Qualifications

  • Mastery of at least one standard 3D modeling package (Maya, Blender, 3DS Max)
  • Fluent in 3D modeling
  • Good foundation and understanding of 3D concepts, tools and best practices
  • Expert in setup and application of UV texture coordinates
  • Fluent with Photoshop and ability to paint textures
  • Familiar generating Normal maps and adding details to 3D models
  • Has experience rigging, animating and creating motion libraries
  • Familiar exporting and managing FBX and other 3D file formats
  • Solid foundation in art and design

Preferred Experience and Skill Sets

  • Some experience with 3D sculpting and retopology
  • Extensive experience using Blender and it’s modeling and animation tools
  • Experience creating complex 3D rigs and controllers
  • Able to communicate effectively about art and design in English
  • Some experience working with Unreal or Unity
  • Previous game company experience

This position is available as hybrid or fully remote. We are currently only seeking candidates eligible to work in the US.

To apply send resume and portfolio links to careers@fixationstudio.com